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MOLIT Institute

The MOLIT Institute is a research institute for personalised medicine. Its focus is on the development of tailor-made therapies for cancer and their translation into standard medical care. By using the genetic profile of the tumor in a cancer diagnosis, a targeted individual therapy decision is possible. In this way, medicine is moving towards a personalized approach to treatment. MOLIT is proactively involved in bringing these new medical approaches to patients in oncology. MOLIT does not provide treatment itself, but is only involved in research. In order to establish a link to practice, the institute cooperates with clinics and educational institutions, among others. The support of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation enables MOLIT to focus on independent research and thus on science and the worldwide dissemination of knowledge.

VITU (Virtual Tumor Board)

The declared goal is to provide a process-oriented information and communication platform to digitally support tumor conferences. The preparation, planning and recording of tumour conferences should be facilitated for both management / planning / treatment teams and external experts as participants of tumour conferences. In the long term, a continuously progressing digitalization is to bring together relevant information in a structured digital form in VITU.


High interoperability (sometimes to HL7 v2 systems) is achieved by the HL7 FHIR standard (FHIR = Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). Processing of personal data only takes place within the treatment context. Applications of components of the MOLIT framework rely on a consistent use of FHIR. FHIR describes data formats and elements as so-called “resources” and offers an interface to exchange them. The advantages of the established HL7 standard product lines Version 2, Version 3 and CDA are combined with those of current web standards.

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This is the FHIR implementation Guide for the virtual molecular tumorboard software VITU.

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